The Five Types of Photos Tourists Take

The best way to remember our vacations is by taking numerous photographs. We all have different skill levels when taking these snaps and we take them on an assortment of different devices: point and shoot cameras, underwater cameras, mobile phones, tablets, or whopping great DSLRs.


But in general there are five types of photos tourists take…

1) The ‘Look Where I Am’ Photo

We’ve all clicked through a friend’s album on Facebook only to see them in every single shot. Of course it’s lovely seeing where you were, but we already know what you fucking look like, do we need to see you in every photo? Sometimes you can’t even see the place because of the person.


Others like to look back and remember what they looked like, but surely only one photo would be enough? If I wanted to see you I’d look at your profile picture, I actually wanted to see where you were.


2) The ‘Jump Jump’ Photo

A sub-category of the ‘Look Where I Am’ photo, but for some reason while visiting Big Ben they wanted to jump.


What’s that about anyway? Oh look it’s you in front of the Sydney Opera House and you’re jumping! Aren’t you a clever boy then! Now get the fuck out of the way so I can see the building.


3) The ‘I’m So Clever’ Photo

Another sub-category of the ‘Look Where I Am’ photo in which the subject of the photo is doing something they think is clever. This could look like they’re clasping the sun between their hands or kissing the sphinx.


I know you think you’re being smart, and while some of the photos are pretty cool, so are the other hundred similar photos taken at that place each day.


4) The ‘Panorama’

Panoramas are great ways to take photos of a vast landscapes, cityscapes or similar that can’t be captured by a single photo. These photos give a good sense of scale, and because most cameras can do them they’re easy to take. The problem is many panoramas are distorted like they’re being seen in a convex mirror so are difficult to look at.


A true panoramic shot is one created manually from several shots. Panoramas have their place, but some people have to take them at every single place.


5) The ‘Just the Place’ Photo

This is the category I fall into. When I go to Maya Uxmal ruins I only want to see the Great Temple with no-one in front of it. People such as I tend to go to great lengths to not have other people in their shots, unless the shot is of other people.


When I have my camera out I’m often asked if I’d like my photo taken in front of wherever I am. The asker then seems surprised when I tell them I don’t like being in my own photos. If I wanted to look at myself, I’d use a mirror thanks.


I’ve also been asked, ‘how do people know you were actually there?’ Honestly? Do people actually fake entire vacations and just download other people’s photos? I take photos for my own memories not to prove I was somewhere. I couldn’t give a fuck if someone doesn’t believe I’m the one taking my photo.

Other Kinds of Photos
There are other types of photos such as: the selfie, sunrises/sets, restaurant meals and even the girls in bikinis at the beach photos; but these aren’t necessarily tourist photos so I won’t go into length about them.

Overall, take whatever type of photo you like, it’s your choice.

Until next time,


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2 Responses to The Five Types of Photos Tourists Take

  1. Rachel Beaumont says:

    Totally agree…. I like photos of the ‘stuff’… I may jump in one or 2 in Vegas next month 😉

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