5 Simple Ways Not To Piss Off A Non-Smoker

Smoking is a choice but only for smokers. If you want to smoke go right ahead, it’s your life and I can’t stop you.


As a reformed smoker for over 17 years I still get annoyed at the selfish behaviour of many smokers. Having travelled for 12 months through Latin America, where the laws of smoking are more relaxed or even non-existent, its become worse. I’ve graduated to a full scale Anti-Smoker.

For the most part long-term smokers are more responsible than newer smokers. This is especially evident in countries where smoking laws are relaxed. Many smokers don’t  think about non-smokers when they light up, expecting others to just put up with the smell.


So, here are five things smokers can do not to piss off us non-smokers:

Check for non-smokers before you light up
I’ve had people come to sit or stand next to me and just light up a cigarette without even considering if I smoked or not. Then when I bring that fact to their attention most ask, ‘oh sorry, do you mind?’. Of course I fucking mind, I wouldn’t have brought it up otherwise. If I wanted everything I owned to smell like smoke, I’d take up smoking.

Smoke where you’re allowed to
Even in places with relaxed smoking laws there are still places you aren’t allowed to smoke. It’s easy to tell where these places are because of the ‘No Smoking’ signs.


Smoke downwind if possible
Wind generally flows from one direction to another, it’s a fact of nature. When lighting up a cigarette in a group, try to sit downwind so the smoke blows away from the group not at them. This is especially the case when you’re on a boat and you sit at the front where the only way the smoke can travel is past everyone else on the boat.

Be considerate
When smoking in a group where there are non-smokers try to be considerate. Sit on the edge of the group, be aware of where the smoke from the cigarette is flowing, hold your cigarette away from others and try to blow the smoke away or at least up. If someone is eating try to go somewhere else if you can.


Put your butts in the bin
When you are done with your cigarette, don’t just thrown the butt on the ground, that’s called littering, be responsible and put it in the bin so it can end up in the right place.


It still concerns me how many young people are taking up smoking. Is it really that cool? With the cost of cigarettes in Latin America being very low, it’s also very concerning how many people start while travelling simply ‘because it’s so cheap’.


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