The Little Bin Beside the Toilet…

For those who haven’t travelled, there’s something in the toilet you mightn’t have contemplated. You’re no doubt familiar with the little rubbish bin often sitting unnoticed beside the toilet? Generally we ignore this quaint little bin unless we use the last of the toilet paper and need to put the empty roll somewhere. Coming from New Zealand then Australia, we take that little bin for granted and other than the previously mentioned empty toilet roll (and women’s sanitary products), nothing else usually goes in there.


Here in South America, that little bin is used for everything. There are signs on every toilet door saying to put the paper in the bin, not the toilet. This is a statement of how bad the sewer treatment systems are at this end of the world. It can be a real eye opener and is a little weird to start with, wiping and binning, but after a while you just kinda do it by default. And when you see that someone has actually put the paper in the bowl, you shake your head and think bad things about whoever may have done it. Here are some signs in every language just incase…


Living the Hostel life, there are generally quite a few people using the toilet and you really don’t think about it in your normal life, but these bins can fill up rather quickly. When confronted with having to put the paper in the bin each time you use the toilet for that particular business, you come to understand just how much paper actually ends up going into the sewer system. And honestly, it’s a shit load. Yes, I had to put the pun in there somewhere…


Thankfully in most places I’ve been, that bin gets emptied rather often, and I hope it gets sent away and burned. But having experienced this for the past six months, what will life be when I return to the western world of quality sewer systems? Who knows? Unless you get this sign from my home country…


Until next time, and hopefully on a less smelly subject,


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