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A Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

I like being fit and healthy.  I put a lot of effort into it for two reasons: I want to live a long healthy life and having been overweight once in my life I have no intention of going back … Continue reading

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Riverfire Cocktail Party

Riverfire Cocktail Party For all of you never been to the fair river city of Brisbane, every year at the beginning of September we hold a River festival.  This is a week-long event set in the central city and at … Continue reading

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It’s Okay to be Gay even though I’m not

No Mum, you have nothing to worry about.  I’m not, have never been and will never be gay.  Remember those Playboy magazines you found under my bed when I was 13?   I’m as straight as a very not gay … Continue reading

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The Attractiveness of a Woman

I’m a male, single and straight.  For guys like me, there’s one thing that catches my attention more than anything else in the world and that’s an attractive woman.  If you’re in any way surprised by that statement were you … Continue reading

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The Rotating Dinner

Well, Spring’s definitely here and along with it a sudden instinctual drive to meet someone.  No matter how much I try to resist, the temptation to get involved in single’s and dating events keep dragging me in.  Is it the … Continue reading

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