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Talking To Your Breasts

Men like breasts. Well, duh. It’s probably one of the most obvious statements in the world to men and even more than, ‘men like beer’, because… some men don’t like beer. Shocking I know, but would you be even more … Continue reading

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Dating 201 – Setting Up The First Date

The first date, boys and girls, is where it all starts.  It’s the single most important part of meeting someone and getting into a relationship.  If the first date is a good one, the likelihood of getting another date is … Continue reading

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Secrets Can Hurt Relationships

This wasn’t the blog I was preparing this week, as the events actually happened on Sunday morning are fresh in my mind, I thought I’d write about it… I was awakened to the sound of a male voice screaming loudly.  … Continue reading

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Closure of Relationships Past

Closure: The freeing of one’s heart of the past to open it to the future. I had an interesting experience today.  I met an ex girlfriend for lunch; our first meeting in the two years since we broke up.  This … Continue reading

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