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Toilet Seat Up Toilet Seat Down

The creation of the toilet was one of the defining moments in human history. It stepped man above the animals and meant that we no longer excreted our waste just anywhere. It gave us a place to put all that … Continue reading

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Steamy Self – Self Esteem

Self Esteem – A realistic respect for or favourable impression of oneself; self-respect. At one time or another we’ve all had self esteem issues.  I certainly have and no doubt you have too.  With out bodies and brains in a … Continue reading

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Scared of Commitment Phobia

Most of us just want to meet someone and get on with our lives.  We search and seek, dine and wine, and at the end of the day we either meet someone or we don’t. For many, after meeting someone … Continue reading

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Positive Resoluting

Happy New Year 2010 everyone! Did you all welcome in the New Year in a festive way?  I spent the last day of 2009 at the Woodford Folk Festival about an hour north of Brisbane – lots of bands, masses … Continue reading

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